Racing Legend Carl Haas Passes Away

Racing Legend Carl Haas Passes Away

Carl Haas was a racing legend and was known to have partnered with Paul Newman to bring together an Indy car team that has been the second-most dominant team in the car racing history! Carl did this for over 29 seasons.

Carl died of Alzheimer's in his home surrounded by his family.

Carl was born Chicago and started his career as a race car driver. He soon catapulted into true prominence when he started to import cars and parts of cars from Europe. He would bring in the famous Lola Cars of the 60’s and also the Hewland gearboxes. He used the proceeds to get a car program together.

Then in the 70’s, he was successful when he founded teams that really worked well in the Formula. His partnership with Newman came into play in 1983. They brought together Nigel Mansell, Cristiano da Matta and Sebastien Bourdais who all won great championship titles and brought Haas and Newman into the limelight for their knack of getting a great team together. The team’s final season ended in 2011.

From 1983 to 2011, Haas and Newman’s teams won over 100 races. This made them the second-most dominant team, the first being that of Team Penske which won over 120 titles in the same time period.

Carl received tributes from legends across the globe.

Mario Andretti tweeted, “RIP Carl Haas. My 12 seasons with you were victorious, intense, fun. All of it. Newman/Haas back together in heaven.”

McLaren F1 tweeted, “Ron Dennis pays tribute to the great American racer and team owner, Carl Haas, who has sadly passed away.”

Carl was 86 years old when he passed away on Jun 29, 2016.


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