Five categories of car racing

Five categories of car racing

There are millions of auto racing fans all over the world. Almost every week we hear about a new race, a new competition or a new driver who is better than everyone else. Here are five categories of car racing:

  1. Formula Racing. This is probably the most popular type of race for a single driver, and almost everyone on the planet has heard about Formula One. The cars are specially designed for this race to have more adhesion to the track.
  2. Touring Racing. Touring is a type of road race with cars that are almost like regular ones. They have been modified and adapted and the drivers need to practice for years before they can join this kind of competition. It is considered to be more dangerous than others due to the large number of cars on track at the same time.
  3. Sports Car Racing. This is the type of race where you can see the best prototypes of sport cars, as well as some of the best drivers in the world. The race takes place on closed circuits and there are dozens of championships all over the world.
  4. Stock Car Racing. This is very popular in North America. This kind of race gathers millions of fans every year in the biggest championship, NASCAR. Even though the cars look very similar to production vehicles, they are actually built for racing and they have special specifications.
  5. Rallying. The Rallying takes place on closed roads or off-road areas and there are two drivers in the car. The race is considered to be more aggressive than other types, simply because the distances are smaller than usual and the area is generally more dangerous.  

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