Three water sports that do not need certification

Three water sports that do not need certification

Kayaking is a popular water sport that does not require certification.  Kayaking can be done by young and old, male or female, beginner or advanced.  All can enjoy the water with a kayak and with minimal risk of injury as well!

A kayak is a boat similar to canoe, but flat on the top and resembling a pea pod.  The traditional kayak does not have a motor or any means for propelling other than the use of a paddle.  A kayak may sit one or two people depending upon your preference.  Seating may be utilized either by a ‘cockpit’ style in the kayak, or by sitting atop the kayak with chambers surrounding the outside of the boat.  Traditional kayaks proper through paddling, however, some kayaks offer the experience of using a sail, a motor or even a gas engine.

Snorkeling is an underwater sport that does not require certification. It is easier to learn than scuba diving, which requires certification. The snorkeler is under water with the ability to breathe and observe the underwater life and surroundings.  Snorkeling can be enjoyed by all ages in a safe location with a minimal amount of training.

Another great water sport is stand up paddle boarding (SUP).  This sport merges surfing with kayaking for a unique water sport experience.  To enjoy SUP, one stands aboard a specialized paddle board and propels the board over the water with a paddle.  There is no need to ride the waves but balance is the key.  A beginner can start by kneeling on the board and then stand up when you feel steady enough.


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