How to be certified for scuba diving

How to be certified for scuba diving

Scuba diving is a wonderful skill to learn if you live near an ocean area. Even better, if you travel, it’s something you can use to explore the areas you visit. Of course, scuba diving is a skill that requires proper equipment, training and ultimately certification to document you are fully capable and can do it safely.

So how do you get certified? First, you’ll want to find a certified instructor. Organizations such as PADI can help you find one in your area. You’ll then want to make sure you have the essential equipment: a mask, fins and a snorkel (your instructor can help you find the right gear and the right fit). Before you get in the water, you’ll learn important safety procedures such as underwater signals.

Once you have the proper gear and safety knowledge, it’s time to dive! At first, you’ll practice snorkeling in an easier environment, such as a pool or a shallow beach area. This will help you learn the fundamentals, such as buoyancy, getting in and out of the water properly, and getting water out of your mask. Once you have the basics down, you’ll train in open water under the supervision of your instructor.

Once you’re ready, you can take the certification test. For PADI, this involves two steps: you must swim 200 yards without stopping, and then tread water (you’ll need to do this for ten minutes). The 200 years swim does not have a time limit. 

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