Five tips for Windsurfing

Five tips for Windsurfing

Windsurfing is really fun, to say the least. It helps you exercise and it is also a great reason to go out there and have fun. Whether you are learning or are already a pro, you could still take advantage of some tips for a better windsurfing experience.

  1. Take some lessons

Getting some windsurfing lessons is the number one step for any beginner. Maybe you have seen other people windsurfing and it all appears to be just stepping onto that board and moving the sail about. But there is more than meets the eye and learning specific techniques for a successful windsurfing experience will help avoid accidents and injuries in the future.

  1. Mind the weather

Probably stating the obvious again, but winter is definitively not the time for windsurfing. Minding the weather does not refer to this fact only.  Pick a day with sunshine and wind.  Getting into cold waters will become a pretty chilly experience.  Of course, be aware of strong winds or meteors that might affect the ocean currents.

  1. Look upwind

Upwinding is probably one of the things that beginners have to learn to do first.  Downwinding is what will get you dumped into the water. This will probably be covered in the lessons suggested in point #1. When you go sailing upwind, always look upwind because this is where you want to go as you twist your shoulders and upper body.

  1. Use your bodyweight

Learn how to use your own bodyweight to counteract the effects of the wind on the sail.  You must apply pressure to your heels in order to dig the rail in. Use your bodyweight to upwind more easily by moving it towards your back foot.

  1. Use dagger boards

Whenever possible, use dagger boards. They will give you an advantage. When unfolded your sail has a better stability than when it is folded.



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