Miami Open might see Serena playing

Miami Open might see Serena playing

The two time Miami Open defending champion, Serena Williams is hoping to play for the tournament if she stays fit. It has been less than a week that Williams withdrew from the Indian Wells simifenials owing to a knee injury. She announced on Wednesday that she hopes to play on Friday night if she gets fit.

Two pretty evident reasons why Serena wants to play in Miami Open is that, one she considers the tournament as her home tournament since she lives an hour’s drive at Palm Beach County. The second reason being the success history she has shared with the tournament. Serena has won the title for a record seven times.

Serena withdrew from the Indian Wells Open recently citing a knee injury for which she was treated with anti-inflammatory injection but to no avail. She went out to practice on Wednesday and suddenly felt good playing at the place which she considers her home. Williams added that she is just managing at the moment and would not like to put much pressure on the injured knee till the first day of the match, if she reaches that far.

William said she would not test her knee full out till she reaches second round of the match against Monica Niculescu of Romania. Serena had played against Niculescu in the second round of Indian Wells and had won the match with 7-5, 7-5.

Till Friday night, it is a game of wait and watch for Serena to see whether her knee will allow her to play in the Miami Open.


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