Cristiano Ronaldo will play again for Manchester United

Cristiano Ronaldo will play again for Manchester United

Manchester united prepared £80 million, for Cristiano Ronaldo’s return! This is one of the latest and most interesting news in the football’s world. Van Gaal offered Ronaldo £14 million per year, if he plays again for his team. Currently, Cristiano Ronaldo is unhappy playing for the Real Madrid. Although, he has £12 million per year, the real problem are fans of this Spanish club. They often hiss during his matches, which makes Ronaldo very nervous.

Ronaldo transferred from Manchester United to the Real Madrid in 2009, for 91 million euros! During his career in real Madrid, he announced, several times, that he would like to return to the Manchester United.

While he was playing for this famous British club, he played in 292 football matches and scored 118 goals! All this in just 6 seasons! He also won several titles (Premier League Title, Champion League and FA Cup and many more).

Apparently the main reason for his return to Manchester United are inadequate conditions on Real Madrid’s matches. I personally believe that he is unsatisfied with the success of his current club. As you know, real Madrid is one of the football clubs with the highest budget, and best players, but still, their performance is simply said, bad! Maybe the explanation for this is simple. Every good player wants to be better, and that affects on his team work. Because Real Madrid has several very good players, they cannot work together in order to make this club better. Who knows, maybe the leaving of Cristiano Ronaldo has a positive effect on the performance of this Spanish club!


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