3 Simple Steps to Becoming a Great Goalkeeper

3 Simple Steps to Becoming a Great Goalkeeper

Do you inspire confidence in your teammates as the goalkeeper of your college soccer team? Are you cool and composed in the penalty box, meeting crosses and engaging confidently in on-on-ones? These simple tips will help you improve your skills as a goalkeeper, giving you safe hands and the ability to inspire your team from the back:

Communicate with your defenders
As the keeper, you must constantly monitor the movement of the ball and players and direct your defenders to cover gaps or maintain the defensive line when they drift. Calling is especially important when a defender goes for a ball with you, to avoid confusions and collisions. 

Provoke the opponent into moving first
When in one-on-one situations, charge towards the player, making yourself as big as possible, and  try to provoke them into revealing their next move before you do. Charging also rapidly narrows the  opposition players' view of the goal and makes them rush into shots and make mistakes. 

Keep calm and confident at all times
It's easy to become demoralized when you're scored against, especially as a keeper. However, it's important that you remain thick-skinned and do not waver even when you make a mistake. Also, when rushing to punch or collect a cross or a corner, you must develop the courage and confidence to commit fully to your move or you'll hesitate and lose the ball.

Goalkeeping is often a thankless role within the team, and even so, you need to be mindful of the significance of your role and work hard to polish your abilities. Following these simple tips would help you develop notable improvements in your performances and inspire confidence within your college soccer team. 


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