The European Youth Olympic Festival is a biennial multi-sport event for young athletes from the 48 member countries.

This is a great chance for young athletes to show their talent and skills and it gives them a chance to participate in the European Youth Olympic Festival.
This festival presents a great motivation for every young person who wants to achieve something in their life when it comes to sports.

This is also an opportunity to do something about their career, because it will open up a lot of different possibilities. 

Jacques Rogge, former president of the IOC initiated the European Olympic Youth Festival in 1991, because he wanted to give a chance to young athletes to compete internationally under Olympic conditions, and he wanted to give them that opportunity to do it as soon as possible.
He thinks that sport events like this one have a positive purpose, because it promotes friendship and sports of course. It is really important for young people to learn more about team spirit, friendship and respect, that’s why this competition is really important.

The European Youth Olympic Festival is organized by the European Olympic Committee, and it is under the patronage of the International Olympic Committee.
This competition includes an opening and closing ceremony and they also have the Olympic flame that is burning during the whole festival.

Also like in the other competitions athletes take their oath. It is really crucial and important for Europe to have this kind of sports event, because it motivates their youth and develops the communication between other countries.


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