Budapest interested to bid for 2024 Olympics

Budapest interested to bid for 2024 Olympics

2024 might be far, but Budapest has cleared its intention to bid for hosting 2024 Olympics. The capital of Hungary is also interested to host Paralympics. With this, the list of bidders for the event includes Paris, Hamburg, Rome and Boston. These cities are much more likely to add their bids to host the game. 

As of now, Hungary is a proud winner of Summer Olympics that has never been able to host the event. All countries are expected to submit their bids before September, 2015. Whereas, the IOC would be deciding the eligible countries and the final hosts in the April-May of 2016. 

Those who didn’t knew, Budapest is also hosting the World Aquatics Championship that are set to take place in the year 2017. It was after Guadalajara, Mexico pulled out of the hosting bid because of the financial issues. 

With this, the Hungarian Capital is all set to become host to several sporting events. 

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