Who are Wilfried Dietrich, Daniel Robin & Bilyal Makhov?

Who are Wilfried Dietrich, Daniel Robin & Bilyal Makhov?

Wilfried Dietrich:


Wilfried Dietrich was a German heavyweight wrestler. He participated five times in Olympics from 1956 to 1972 and competed in seven Olympic tournaments, which were four free-style and three Greco-Roman and won five Olympic medals - one Gold, two Silver, two Bronze; out of the five, three were freestyle and two at Greco and set a record for an Olympic wrestler. In 1956, he won the first Silver medal for Greco. In 1964, he won Bronze for Greco and in 1968, for freestyle. In 1961, he won the World Championship.


Daniel Robin:


Daniel Robin is a French wrestler. In 1968, he won the Silver medals both in freestyle and Greco Roman in the Olympic Games held in Mexico City. Daniel is the only wrestler who has won for both the styles in the same Olympics and became the World Freestyle Champion.


Bilyal Makhov:


Bilyal Makhov was born in Russia and is a mixed martial artist, freestyle, and Greco-roman wrestler. In 2007, at the age of 19, he won the Russian championship and was elected for the World Cup and won his Olympic license as well.


From 2007 to 2015 under freestyle and Greco- roman, Makhov has won several international titles. His main goal is to participate in the 2016 games in both freestyle and Greco-roman wrestling. In 2007, in his first world tournament, he won a Gold medal. In 2012, he won Bronze medals in the Olympics held in London, and in 2015, he attempted to win a Gold medal by competing in both the styles but achieved a Bronze medal. He became the first wrestler in 43 years to win a World Championship in both styles after Wilfried Dietrich. In 2015, Makhov signed with the Ultimate Fighting Championship to compete in the Heavyweight division.

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