Two Champs Relax In The Sun

Two Champs Relax In The Sun

In the heart of Las Vegas, champion Floyd Mayweather bumped into champion Chris Weidman. They both took a quick picture with their swimming gear on. Chris, however, kept his sunglasses on. Many believe he has a couple bruises on his face that he does not want to expose to the public. Nonetheless, though he got a little banged up in his last fight, he still came out as the champion. 

An amazing thing about these fighters is that they both get along on the basis of them both being undefeated in the ring. They both sat by the pool and had a drink. Weidman put this party together because of his great win. Mayweather was able to meet many different fighters and even up and coming fighters, too. 

Mayweather and Weidman chatted about their past fights and what they expect for the future. Though they are sort of in a different sport, they both have the same goals and desires. Furthermore, they both have instilled within them that they will never lose a fight. They will do whatever they have to do to win at all times. 

Mayweather and Weidman told the press they would like to hangout again in the future. They even discussed possibly going to each other’s fights. However, they would rather meet in Vegas and hangout by the pool any day. This time of relaxation is what they both needed. It is now time for them to get back to work and contemplate who they are going to fight next. 


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