Tom Brady's Suspension In Jeopardy, Jury Warns NFL

Tom Brady's Suspension In Jeopardy, Jury Warns NFL

After Tom Brady was suspended four games ago, the world of football was divided into two sides. The majority is in support of the player, who was accused of trying to jeopardize the championship game that took place in January – dubbed “Deflategate.” Apparently, he collaborated with two Patriots equipment employees to deflate the footballs that were used in the game. Did they make it? Well, things are not so clear yet.

After this was discovered, officials of NFL Players association quickly decided to take Tom Brady off of the field. They suspended him for four games, until the case reached U.S District Judge Richard Berman. If the NFL was expecting his entire support for their actions, they had a big surprise. The Judge apparently decided that NFL did not take the right course of action to solve this situation, therefore Tom Brady’s suspension is not entirely correct. This gives a lot of hope to supporters who are trying desperately to bring him back to the field in time for the upcoming season.

During the hearing that took place behind closed doors, NFL and the team of lawyers representing Tom Brady were advised to try to settle this in a friendly manner. Did this happen? Well, not really! Both sides continue to bring evidence to support their statements and quite frankly, nothing seems clear at this point.

The big surprise appeared on Wednesday, when Tom Brady was seen participating in a practice in West Virginia. Is he trying to get ready for the beginning of the season? We sure hope so.               

As for the punishment that he will receive, the Judge will make a decision on the 4th of September, right before the first games of this season. This is, of course, if the two sides don’t reach an agreement by then!

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