Three Suggestions from Todd Durkin’s Book, The Impact! Body Plan

Three Suggestions from Todd Durkin’s Book, The Impact! Body Plan

Of all trainers in the world, Todd Durkin is arguably the most sought after coach in modern sports circles. He has worked with world class athletes including MLB pitcher Cole Hamels, snowboarding all-star Shaun White, and NFA Quarterback Drew Brees. In the book, The Impact! Body Plan, Todd includes a fitness program that lasts for 10 weeks designed to help your body build strength, shed flab, and enhance your athletic performance.

The book is not only for pro-athletes; Durkin wrote the book without a specific age or fitness level in mind. Here are three suggestions from Todd’s book on how to have better results from your workouts and achieve new levels of joint integrity, overall flexibility, and core strength.

Choose your Supplements Carefully

Supplements are a necessary part of sculpting your body, and they help you maintain the diet to get the most out of your workouts. In the book, Durkin explains in detail the classes of supplements you should take, and he goes further to give his recommendations on supplements for different body shapes, such as the Pure Inventions Green Tea Extract.

Complete Lifestyle Change

Many books intended to improve your fitness levels focus on losing weight and having a good-looking physique. Durkin goes a step further; he focuses on changing your attitude to having a positive mental attitude. Go beyond the superficial. Working out can help you achieve a complete lifestyle overhaul with a transformation of the mind, spirit, and body.

Have a Workout Plan

Many people tend to work out whenever they feel like it without a defined schedule, and Durkin explains this as one of the reasons results take time to reap the benefits. In the book, he provides a workout schedule that allows you to track your complete 10-week fitness program. Workout schedules allow you to see the progress and results in your fitness levels. It will guide you through every step, and help you get to the next level.

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