The struggle of female Olympic athletes

The struggle of female Olympic athletes

Women are still battling to get taken seriously in sports. Many believe that sports are a men’s field and that women could never make as challenging competition. This year, women have visibly outnumbered men on the US Olympic team as a premiere in the entire history. While swimmer Michael Phelps fairly disappointed with his performance, Dana Volmer won a golden medal. Moreover, she set a world record at the 100 meter butterfly. Also, for the first time ever, two of the Saudi Arabian teammates were women.

The rule saying that women must wear skirts was fast taken down by the female athletes, even though the Amateur International Boxing Association sustained that the clothes’ only purpose was to draw a line between males and females. They ditched every theory that the uniform was in such form to sexualize the women, giving that female boxers aren’t truly seen as an opponent as much as for their body.

In this manner, female beach volleyball players were required to wear tiny bikinis up until last year. Compared to the male’s uniform, that consisted in shorts as well as shirts, women were ask to dress in that impractical way only to make the effort look frivolous. It was all for the sake of the male audience that doesn’t respect women, to see them jumping in a small two-piece costume.

Unfortunately, despite all women’ efforts to at least equalize their rights to the men’, the challenge seems more and more tricky. Even after so many decades since the first female making a name for herself, people still don’t see both sexes as equals.


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