Australian goalkeeper Matt Ryan had to change his training schedule to be able to cope with the business end of the most demanding season of his career.

He has more than 70 matches to play this season and he needs more training than ever to stay in shape and be prepared.

Ryan is currently the most successful footballer in Australia and through his career he has had some ups and down including last season but he is prepared to have a better season this time round.

He has to prepare for different games as he is playing for his club and country which is not an easy thing especially if you are not physically and mentally stable.

Ryan has to avail himself to practices hard and make his fans and country happy. It is not easy but he will manage.

“I have had to prepare differently for games to take into account the number of games I am playing for club and country; I just have to get the balance right.

“I have realized the importance of being physically and mentally ready for each game after such a hectic season like I’m having that’s why I have had to adjust my training load and warm-ups a little to get that freshness back, I need to be match fit and well prepared all the time but I’m a competitive person so I will get there”, Ryan said.

Ryan considers himself a lucky man and he is ready to play and be the best he can be.


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