Rafael Nadal

Rafael Nadal

Rafael Nadal is the highest paid tennis player in the world in 2014 and number 9 highest paid athlete with $14.5 million coming from tennis alone. However 2014 has not been that good of a year for him.

During 2014 suffered from a back injury, wrist injury and underwent appendix surgery. The surgery was chronologically last – beginning of November - and required him to cancel his appearance at any and all of the tournaments that would follow. All these set-backs combined cost him 6020 points causing him to go from number 1 ATP to number 3.

Nadal, 28 now, is considered a senior in this game, seeing how most players retire around 26 years. However he is planning to regain the number 1 position in 2015. Rafael Nadal has experience with comebacks, having done this before, returning to the game from injuries to both knees stronger than ever.

Nadal commented that he feels he’s back in shape and better than ever, however he will take it slow and be very careful so no to injure himself again. Chances are that he will make a great comeback seing how he’s had 2 months to disconnect from all the competitions. Usually he is mentally – and [physically – exhausted by the end of the year and then has to start all over in this state of mind, but not this year.

Nadal will have to cover over 71 thousand miles in order to defend all the titles he has from 2014 and play in all the competitions on his agenda.


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