“Green Beret Lands In NFL”

“Green Beret Lands In NFL”

Nate Boyer was the first player to touch the field during the Seahawks rookie camp. His is over thirty years old and a Green Beret. Due to his age, many believed Nate would not even make it to rookie camp. However, he proved everyone wrong, and he desires to continue to prove everyone wrong.

Nate Boyer is competing with Clint Gresham for the offensive center position. Clint has been offered almost three million dollars for just this one year; so many people believe Nate Boyer does not stand a chance. However, Nate said he is going to give it everything he has, and, no matter what, he will enjoy every moment of this. Ironically, Clint Gresham was the first person to greet Nate Boyer. They instantly clicked with each other. They have been the jokesters of the team thus far.

Nate stated that the best feeling of all was walking into the locker room and seeing a jersey with his name on it. He said there is nothing like it in the world. He also said he is going to remember these days forever no matter the results. Nate Boyer continued to tell the press how much football reminds him of being in the military.

How he will protect his team on the field the same way he protected his team on the battlefield. The coaches of the Seahawks are very impressed with Nate Boyer. They are surprised that even with some age behind him, he still has an athletic composure that is unique.


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