Ideal Food Choices before Workout Sessions

Ideal Food Choices before Workout Sessions

Eating just before your workout isn’t an ideal thing for sure, but it is equally bad to head to the gym with an empty stomach. Ideally, you should try having a small snacking meal at least an hour of exercise, especially in the mornings, or as a better practice, it’s best to have a fuller meal when you have the time before gym.  These are some of the best meals worth your sweat. 
The big meal
If you are eating two hours ahead of the gym time, you can have a full mean, consisting of fresh veggies and protein, such as boiled chicken or scrambled eggs. You can also add a fresh bowl of fruits, as fruits contain natural sugar that can be used by the body for workout energy. 
The medium meal
Before one hour of exercising, it isn’t wise to go for a complete meal. What you need more now is carbohydrates for instant energy. Choices include fresh fruits, cup of cereals with skim milk, or fresh veggies in smaller quantities. You can have sugarless yogurt and add a handful of nuts as extra choices. 
The quick snack
When you don’t have the time for a complete meal, a snack is what you need, although it is advisable to eat something at least 15 minutes before workout session. The best options include a small amount of nuts, small cup of boiled veggies or a banana.
Consider making time for a bigger and heavier meal at least two hours ahead, which is the ideal choice for every age.  



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