Exercise for girls-Chest/Bust

Exercise for girls-Chest/Bust

Chest , Bust are the beautiful & attractive part of women. It should be maintain in proper shape. Big boobs look nice bit should not be very big & loose. Women always want to have soft, big & shaped chest/burst. Here are some tips:

Hot elastic rope: (Picture 1) :  This is one of the easy exercise, which you can teach girls from childhood. Take elastic, make circle out of it. Stretch that elastic keeping on your chest to shoulder. These ready exercise elastics available in market you can buy just in few cents.

Pushup: Keep your palms on ground as wide as shoulders, feet together. Keep body in a straight line from head to bottom. Move down until your chest touches the ground. Do 10 pushups gradually increase as per your stamina.

TRX workout: you need TRX for this workout, Stand facing opposite of TRX as shown in picture, pull down the TRX as much as possible.

Bench press with weight: Lie-down on your back, hold weight in your hands. Take both hands up full & down below bench. (See pic). This exercise gives stability to your back & no option fold your back, so weight has to handle by chest hence it gives exercise.

Massage: Post dinner & lunch massage you bust, hold it four fingers inside armpit & palm covering bust , do it 30 times than do massage upward & circular manner 10 times each.

Chair support: It a easy and daily routine exercise. Stand front to chair as you want to sit on it. Hold Chair with your hand from back, lower down don’t sit on chair go down your shoulders will come  up on the chair.


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