Eating habits

Eating habits

Food is a very important aspect of your day. When you eat food, you get the energy to do more work from it. So, it’s very important that you develop good eating habits that would prevent you from neglecting your health. A few good habits would go a long way in keeping your body healthy.

1) Eat something every two hours

Eating this frequently means you can eat small amounts of food and two hours is enough time for your body to be able to digest the food. It also ensures you don’t work on an empty stomach for short durations.

2) Eating fruits before your meal

You should always eat your fruits before your meal instead of after. It takes very less time for fruits to digest and if you eat them before, by the time you eat your meal, the fruits would have digested. On the other hand if you eat fruits later, you already feel so full due to the food you’ve had and this makes you eat lesser quantities than what you could’ve eaten; missing out on nutrition.

3) Always eat breakfast.

Skipping a meal is never a good choice. You shouldn’t stay on an empty stomach for long times. Skipping a meal is bad enough as it is but skipping breakfast is completely wrong. Your body hasn’t had any nutrition all night so, a good breakfast provides the required energy to start your day.

4) Drink water after some time after you’ve eaten

You shouldn’t drink water in between eating your food. Drinking lots of water makes your stomach feel fuller than it actually is and thus your diet decreases.


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