Benefits of Pilates

Benefits of Pilates

Pilates is the best type of physical activity for your core (a powerhouse in Pilates). According to one research, women who complete 36 weeks of Pilates training, straighten their rectus abdominis by a 21% and eliminate their muscle imbalance between their core sides. Beside this, Pilates is good for people who have back problems. Because Pilates strengthens your core, you will have stronger back muscles, so it is linked with reduced back pain.

According to one study, people who do Pilates 4 weeks, experienced relief with their chronic back pain more than people who visited a specialist! Even better is that those people stayed without pain a whole year, after they stopped performing Pilates sessions! It also has a positive effect on your joints.

Because you are in the ‘’zone’’, where you must control your breath, body and movement, and you must focus, you stop thinking about work, relationships and any other problem. Maybe it lasts only one hour, but you will feel much better after!

Pilates also affects positively on your sex life! Many women experienced much better orgasms. Those women had much easier childbirth as well. If you aren’t interested in sex or childbirth, and you like sport, again, Pilates is good for you. When you make your core stronger, you can run faster and you can perform harder exercises. This will motivate you to continue improving your muscles and having more workouts. People who perform Pilates sessions, are more flexible as well. According to one study in Brazil, women who performed 20 Pilates sessions, improved their flexibility by 19.1%. If you are not flexible enough, you can cause an injury or hurt your exercise performance!


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