Ohio State Players Visit White House

Ohio State Players Visit White House

You might just be seeing President Barrack Obama showing off his arms for the Buckeyes very soon.

After welcoming the reigning national champions Ohio State players to the White House on Monday afternoon, Obama praised the team stating that they are very resilient and that the character of the team’s three quarterbacks is unmatched. In addition to that, Obama joked about his arm strength before picking up the game ball and prepping up for some action.

"They kept on battling back with the help of not one, not two but three quarterbacks," the President said. "... And we learned that Cardale Jones is not your average third-string quarterback. Anybody with a nickname like '12 Gauge' has to be taken seriously.

"I told him that I could throw a football 75 yards also, but he didn't believe me. So he clearly is a smart kid."

During the ceremony Obama thanked Ohio State’s Ezekiel Elliot for tucking in his shirt. That was not all, Obama went on to mimic Joey Bosa’s shrug pose which has become very popular and even referring to Michigan State, which is a rival of Ohio State, as the “Team Up North.”

He also pointed out the fact that he had promised to bring playoffs to college football back in 2008 something that came to be recently.

“This was a historic year in college football, the country got to enjoy its first ever college football playoffs,” he said. “And I will say it, it was about time. I cannot claim full credit, but I will point out that I pushed for a playoff system in 2008.

"I said I would throw my weight around, and PolitiFact keeps track of whether politicians keep their promises -- you're welcome America."


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