Different Types of College Sports

Different Types of College Sports

College sports comes in an array of choices, making it possible for every student to pick their favorite one. Whether you are interested in bowling, baseball, swimming, tennis or wrestling, you can try your hands on all of them while you are in the college. In fact, students are encouraged to take up different kinds of sports and train for it.

Club Sports:
Club sports is usually where two college sports teams compete against each other. It is the students who take care of everything, right from making arrangements for match and getting officials ready for it.

Intramural Sports:
This kind of match is usually organized by college authorities to give every student a fair chance to participate. It is the students from the same college who compete each other.

Traditional Sports:
Traditional Sports involves the typical games such as softball, baseball, soccer, basketball, dodgeball, water polo to name a few. These are open for all the students.


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